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Siddhartha is the son of a Brahmin. He is strong and handsome, and is admired a lot as he is growing up. He is endowed with “ardent thoughts,” he has a strong will, and a “high vocation.” Siddhartha was raised to study the teachings of Hinduism. Even though Siddhartha is very popular, he leaves his village to search for meaning in his life.
Siddhartha is a wandering Samana three years. He rejects the teachings of Buddha, and eventually matures after he meets Kamala in Samsara, and discovers sin.
After twenty years of this life, Siddhartha rejects it, and he almost attempts suicide. Then he goes to live near the river with a ferryman. During this time Siddhartha reflects on his life. The restlessness that has been following him goes away. Siddhartha finally finds peace and wisdom as he ages and is an old man. He recognizes that everything in the world is a recurring cycle. He experiences the same enlightenment as Buddha.

A lot of people are like Siddhartha. They go out into the world and search for what they believe. There are many different things that can come from an experience like this. A person can find happiness and what they are looking for, or they can find misery. We need to be careful when we do this. We need to make sure that we stay on the right path so we don’t mess our life up. We need to take the opportunities to learn from others mistakes, so we don’t have to make them ourselves.

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Siddhartha's Journey