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Siddhartha reminds me of a patient father who in turn wants to continually help his son to do those things that are right. He lives a in his own sense a wonderful life and he wants others to feel the way he feels. More than anything he wants to help others and especially his own flesh and blood. He wants others to see how important life is and how much each second is worth. This is super important for him to express to his young son. I think a lot of people have a problem child who just don’t get it. There many stories and examples out there that each of us have heard of many times. Though this is true, you have to consider what there is to do in order to help them. Siddhartha was very patient with his son. He tried to teach him the right ways. He was calm and kind to him which is what he needed. He was an example and when I think about it, I think about how there are a lot of people who would get angry and punish their child. Many parents aren’t able to take it and so they make their child suffer until they get it.
In the scriptures it talks about the prodigals son, who takes his money and runs with it. He leaves his family behind and he spends all his money on good for nothing stuff. Then he realizes what a huge mistake he made and travels back home to be with his father. He didn’t quite know how his father would take him, but it was amazing when his father ran out and met him on the road. There he hugged and kissed his head. This is an amazing example for all us to follow. Siddhartha has taken this road of life and has blessed his child for doing so.