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I really enjoyed the end portion of the book when we see Govinda and Siddhartha kind of reunite together. From the dialog which takes place between the two of them it seems they are both still on their quest for the truth and the way. I like how Govinda says “that seems to be my destiny" by this time both Siddhartha and Govinda are up in years and have gained much knowledge and experience from their journeying. Siddhartha has a wonderful insight when he is taking to Govinda about his search for truth. Keep in mind at this present time Siddhartha is being a ferryman while seeking the truth. He states " When someone seeks it is all too easy for his eyes to see nothing but the thing he seeks, so that he is unable to find anything or absorb anything because he is always thinking exclusively about what he seeks" he also later in the quote proceeds to say that those that find are the ones that are free and that they have no goal. There is no doubt with this recent insight of Siddhartha that he has realized a thing or two since his youth. When he was young he was too concentrated on his goal of seeking the ultimate truth that he missed out on many learning opportunities. It is very similar with us I believe if we get to fixated on one thing we let the other joys of life pass by as we are sitting there waiting for this one thing or goal to become manifest to us. I really like how when the identities are revealed that Siddhartha say that the thing he has learned to most from in his life was he fellow ferryman Vasudeva, and he has learned so much truth by being a ferryman. I imagine if someone told Siddhartha this at the beginning of his journey he would have thought that you were crazy.