When reading about Kamala and the influence that she had on Siddhartha, I was really surprised knowing that in a lot of peoples life, it takes just one person to change them to something that they don’t realize they are becoming. Kamala was a very influential character which is why I think she had a lot to do with the way Siddhartha ended up. Kamala was rich and introduced Siddhartha not only to the town, but to the lustful desires of mans heart. This kind of desires were drugs, lust, and greed. She is not a good influence in that sense to him.
It wasn’t a real surprise when later on in the story I found out that she was pregnant with his child. After Kamala finds this out she wants the little boy to meet his father. However around the same time she also decides to sort of change the person that she is and go towards Buddhism. Her life starts to change dramatically. Buddhism is the life that really brings her more spiritual side out. In Buddhism, there is a lot of reflection on ones life, mediation, and prayer. This religious movement was happening during this time in India and had a huge influence on many people. In fact Siddhartha was a firm believer in Buddha as a spiritual being.
Her life ends up rather pitiful as she dies after being bitten by a poisonous snake. But the book indicates that she actually dies happy, which to me was a little odd. She was happy and was starting to recover from her very sinful life. This recovery also happens many times in our religion was we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Any kind of spiritual religion can be a really good thing in most peoples lives. It first of all turns their more intellectual side to a spiritual side which is the side of a person that was truly created and comes directly from our loving Heavenly Father. I am a firm believer that many people when they find this change in their lives, they want to do all in their power to become the best person that they can be. This is why when Kamala died, she died on good terms and was happy. I think that she made the right decision and was an overall good character!