hesse.gifAbout Hesse

K= Know
W= Want to know
L= Learned

He Recieved a nobel prize
how old was he when he died
His Father born in Russia
Had 3 Wives

He was Named after his grandfather

1880 He moved to Switzerland

Rebelious and unmanagable

fluent in many languages

Attended Latin school in Goppingen

attended evangelical theological seminary

always at the top of his class

October 18955 he began his apprenticeship in a bookshop

He was not very social during this time

interested in aesthetics, and finding faith and comfort in the world of beauty

studied the works of Goethe, Lessing, Shchiller, Nietzsche, and Novalis

1800 lived in Basel and worked in an antique book shop and became more social

1901 devoted his time to writing his own books

His mother died before he finished his book

BOrn in 1877 in Germany
As you can tell from my table above, there was not much stuff about Hesse that I knew before this class. In class we had a presentation with the information above presented. Hesse had an interesting life as I have came to realize that most literature authors do. They are very good at expressing their strange, hard, dramatic, etc. lives in writing.

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