Siddhartha awoke, as if from a slumber, when he heard Govinda's words. For a long while he gazed at Govinda’s face. Then he said softly, in a voice free from mockery: “Govinda, my friend, now you have taken the step, now you have chosen the path. O Govinda, you have always been my friend, you have always walked one step behind me. I have often thought: ‘will not Govinda ever take a step on his own, without me, from his own soul?’ Behold, now you have become a man and are choosing your path yourself. May you follow it to the end, O my friend! May you find salvation!” (Siddhartha, Page17)

I feel like this quote from Siddhartha relates to everyone when growing up because humans naturally rely on friendship in life. During younger years, friends are so important because the kinds of friends associated with at that time, most likely will determine what kind of person they will become when older. As children are growing up, constantly they are trying to figure out who they are. Friends influence everything because having insecurities of being different or not fitting in affects the self-esteem and making decisions so they sometimes changes themselves in ways so they can be included by others.
President Thomas S. Monson in a February 2001 New Era Article called "The Lighthouse of the Lord" about choosing friends wisely said:
“In a survey which was made in selected wards and stakes of the Church some years ago, we learned a most significant fact. Those persons whose friends married in the temple usually married in the temple, while those persons whose friends did not marry in the temple usually did not marry in the temple. The influence of one’s friends appeared to be equal to parental urging and more influential than classroom instruction or proximity to a temple…. Not only will your circle of friends greatly influence your thinking and behavior, but you will also influence theirs.”

There will come a time when friends will leave and change, because when becoming older different responsibilities will arise and opportunities come about that will make friends grow apart. Even still teenagers and young adults are still trying to figure out what to do with their lives, the realization of who will always be true friends, rather than those that leave will come at one point. Friendship will be either lost or kept when at a time will be determined by decisions that do or don’t resemble or appeal to one another.
When Siddhartha tells Govinda that he is glad that he has made his decisions on his own to take another path without him, is a moment of portraying growth in life and becoming older. They are maturing and making choices on their own and for Govinda, he has gained a confidence that he doesn’t need Siddhartha always by his side anymore but instead can make decisions on his own. As people must grow up at one point in their lives, decisions need to be made by one’s self instead of basing choices off of what another would do. That is why when younger, good habits and standards that are developed at that time are important because it will determine how judgments are made as an adult. As Govinda made this decision to take a step in a different direction than Siddhartha, Siddhartha is still happy for Govinda and supports him in what he decided to accomplish in his life and hopes for the best for Govinda.
At the end of the quote when Siddhartha says to Govinda, “May you find salvation!” shows how he cares for his friend and that he hopes he will accomplish the most important accomplishment we all desire to obtain one day after this life. We can only anticipate that each of our friends will make good choices through-out their lives so they will be happy and we can all return to live with our Heavenly Father in the highest kingdom, together for all eternity. From knowing that our friends desire only the best for us shows true friendship and love, there is no other way to express how others care for one another than that.
-"The Lighthouse of the Lord" By President Monson
-Friendship Picture
"At the End of the Day You Are Still My Best Friend"

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