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When I first read this I thought that Buddha was just a religion that was practiced, however this religion was started by Buddha who was known as an inspired human being. Buddha offered salvation to those that were impoverished that those that were suffering. At this time in India, many people were suffering and to them this was huge relief. Buddha was regarded as a man who was well inspired.

There were many people who believed in this kind of a traditional worship during this time; however Siddhartha was one who believed I think more of the spiritual, but not the words that were necessarily taught. The words taught in some sense may of contradicted the faith that was behind it.

Siddhartha looked at Buddha as believing the more spiritual side. He thought that there was so much to learn from fasting, meditation, and prayer which is what he ended up doing a lot of on his journeys. In these journeys, he was hoping to find the real world for what it was and maybe find answers he had been looking for, for quite some time. Buddha was what gave him the inspiration to do so. In fact the reason that Siddhartha was such a spiritual man in the beginning was because of his religious beliefs in Buddha.

After Buddha’s death, many people still believed and the tradition was carried on. Even today many people still believe in this very tradition. Even though it is a little weird for most people to think about, this kind of religion focuses on coming to your senses and mastering certain parts of ones self. Reflection of ones life and meditation take place as one practices Buddhism. Buddha did have a huge impact on many people. Buddha was in fact the religious founder of Buddhism practice all over the world today in many places. This movement has changed the way the world views religion.